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The Feng Shui Police!

Will LeStrange brings Feng Shui Design to The British Police Force

Feng Shui consultant with Police Force

Can Feng Shui help to solve crime?

A while back I got a call from the The newly instated chief of Police for the city of Bath in the UK. He had just been brought in from a department of the London Police force to shake up the city’s police operation in the face of a series of unsolved rape incidents. Upon his arrival he was pretty shocked to discover the cramped and inadequate working conditions his officers were having to endure.

He told me that he believed their working environment was having an effect on their potential to perform…. he had heard that Feng Shui helped businesses perform better and was wondering if it could have a positive impact on his team. I was more than happy to help him. The solution was simple… but its a long story If you want to find out how I fixed their situation… sign up for my next Feng Shui “Out in the City” event…. call me for more details

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